Dear Customer:

The Board of Directors of the East Cullman Water System, Inc. met at its regular meeting on March 17, 2014, and adopted a resolution that will directly affect the rates you will be required to pay your water system for water in the future.

We just received the result of the annual audit by the Cullman Utility Board and after that audit the rate we pay for water from the City of Cullman has increased. The Board always regrets having to raise the cost of water and asks for your continued support to assure that we remain an efficient and well maintained water system. Even with this rate increase, our new rates will still be consistent with rates charged by other water systems in Cullman County.

For your convenience a copy of the old rate and the new rate schedules (adopted July 11, 2016, Effective on August 2016 billing received September 2016) appear below:


First 2,500 gal. $18.00 Minimum First 2,000 gal. $22.00 Minimum
Next 2,500 gal. $ 8.10 per thous. gal. Next 3,000 gal. $ 10.24 per thous. gal.
Next 5,000 gal. $ 6.60 per thous. gal. Next 5,000 gal. $ 8.35 per thous. gal.
Next 10,000 gal. $ 5.40 per thous. gal. Next 10,000 gal. $ 6.83 per thous. gal.
All over 20,000 gal. $ 3.90 per thous. gal. All over 20,000 gal. $ 4.94 per thous. gal.


Hugh Harris, Secretary-Treasurer